How To Pay Rent

Paying your rent is easy and we have several options. Our preferred option for receiving rent payments is the online payments option. To pay online, you can follow the "Pay now" link below and you will be directed to our payment vendor, PayLease.

You can log in and initiate individual payments or set up automatic monthly payments directly from your savings or checking account. Payments made online, after they clear, are credited to your account the same day they are initiated. You receive a confirmation tracking number for the transaction and we are also mailed an immediate receipt so we know to watch for that payment. Paylease does charge an ACH transfer fee (similar to what you would pay at an ATM). They also offer a credit card option, if you find that necessary.

If online payments are not comfortable for you, please mail a check or money order at least one week prior to rent due dates to:

Whitewater Property Management
612 Wells Street, Ste F
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

When Is Rent Due

Your first rent payment is due upon move in. Rent payment dates vary dependent on your payment plan election and the specific terms of your lease. Your payment plan election was made at the time of signing your lease, and you are bound to those terms. Below are the typical payment terms found in most of our leases.

If you have elected MONTHLY PAYMENTS:
Your first rent payment is due before moving in, and the first of the month, thereafter. You will pay 12 equal payments.

If you have elected SEMESTER PAYMENTS:
You will have three rent payments.

If your lease runs from June 1 to May 20 the first rent payment is due before you move in. First semester rent is due on approximately August 15 and Second semester due January 1.

If your lease starts anytime between July 1 and August 15, please refer to your lease for the specific due date of your "summer" installment. However, first semester is still due on approximately August 15 and second semester on January 1.

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